Silicon Valley-based Atricore is known for offering technologically advanced, highly customizable Identity and Access Management (IAM) solutions that are remarkably affordable and accessible to businesses large and small. Their partnership with Kruger - among the most influential system integrators in South America - offers a boost to the emerging markets of Ecuador and Peru, who have typically been locked out of IAM by the high cost of the solutions offered in this region. The dynamic combination of Kruger’s local expertise with Atricore’s world-class solution will improve IT security across both of those countries by providing access to tailored, cost-effective and top-notch IAM solutions. 


Kruger specializes in innovation, finding creative solutions to business challenges in Ecuador, Peru and Spain for over 20 years. Their two main divisions include Kruger IT, with a focus on consulting, integration, process improvement, tech solutions and services; and Kruger Singularity, providing engineering design, procurement and construction management for multidisciplinary engineering projects. Going forward, Kruger will grow their IAM expertise with a focus on synergizing the start-ups backed by Kruger Labs with Atricore.  


For Atricore, the partnership reflects the company’s rapid global expansion and reinforces efforts to meet the needs of its growing client base in South America. Partner locations in Quito, Ecuador and Lima, Peru will leverage the local pool of talented professionals to service existing customers, as well as making the most of the region’s expanding and favorable business climate.  


“We chose to work with Kruger not least because of its strong IT influence in the region,” says Gianluca Brigandi, CEO of Atricore. “That is certainly a factor. But more importantly, we found the “perfect fit” to our own corporate culture in Kruger’s dedication to technical excellence and innovation  - married with the kind of business acumen that encourages growth without sacrificing creativity and customer satisfaction.”


For quite some time, Kruger founder Ernesto Kruger has been looking for strong security players to help expand his company's footprint in the region. Now, he says: 


“The future looks promising. We’ve found a great company with a robust solution and we can grow this market, which is still in the early stages of IAM adoption. This technology will be a cornerstone for building secure solutions for our clients, while delivering identity-fueled user experiences.” 


Kruger is headquartered in Quito, Ecuador with a branch office in Guayaquil. Find them online at, email or phone +593 2 383-0050. 


Atricore is based in San Francisco, CA, USA. Web:, email or phone 1.415.707.0521