Our recent JOSSO 2.4 release expanded the reach of its single sign-on capabilities by supporting a social login service. Now users can sign up on your website via their social networking account - with that one click giving you access to their complete social network profile data. 

Social sign-ins allow users to sign into their accounts using their existing social networks, fighting off the password fatigue that often comes with creating and remembering multiple passwords.

In this webinar, we will explain how your organization can leverage JOSSO EE to deliver the Social SSO experience to your users - without having to change your applications. 

 Webinar highlights include:

  • JOSSO2 overview
  • Setting up an Identity Provider and backing Identity Source
  • Configuring Google Sign-In support
  • Leveraging Google Sign-In from business applications

Please join us for the webinar on Tuesday, November 18th at 11am EST by clicking the link listed below :