Webinar Scheduled for: September 24, 2015 4:00 PM (EDT)

Privacy regulations and other pieces of legislation are impacting what kind of information we are allowed to capture and store about users, so in some cases we can't just demand that people give us all of their personal details. Businesses want to interoperate with other businesses, and government organizations want to provide more integrated services to citizens. However, different systems use different authentication systems and businesses want to integrate in a secure, legally compliant manner.

Claims based authentication in SharePoint Server is designed to address the two challenges mentioned above. Claims based authentication addresses privacy and other compliance concerns by requesting less specific, less personal information about people, and by trusting other parties or systems to do the "proof of identity" check.

With the help of JOSSO Enterprise Edition, you will be able to deploy SAML Single Sign-On in your Microsoft SharePoint 2013 servers featuring the following advantages :

  • Help control Information Technology (IT) costs and gain efficiencies. Federation targets areas that require lots of manual processes such as user account management, and access management. These manual processes are the focus of cost control.
  • Enable compliance with expanding regulatory requirements. A standards-based identity federation can increase security of websites and portals and enable an organization to identify and authenticate a user only once. The organization can then use that identity information to access multiple systems which can include websites of external partners and various portals.

The goals of this webinar is to show how to leverage JOSSO Enterprise Edition to provide seamless access to SharePoint websites and applications for your users and business partners while preserving your existing corporate Active Directory infrastructure.

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