From making it even easier for organizations to customize their look and feel, to adding support for Oracle Wallet and Springboot, Atricore has once again upped the functionality of its flagship product with JOSSO 2.4.2. Some of the standout improvements and features of this release are:

Branding improvements

User Management improvements

Clustering improvements

Support for Oracle Wallet

Internationalization improvements

Support for persisting configuration in external relational databases

Support for Springboot

Better OAuth support for JavaScript

Additional scripting capabilities for improved automation

Improved LDAP Password Policy extensions support

Improved SAML 2.0 support

Password Management improvements

Twitter Sign-In improvements

Silicon Valley-based Atricore ( is known for offering technologically advanced, highly customizable Identity and Access Management (IAM) solutions that are remarkably affordable and accessible to businesses large and small. We envision a world where the creation and consumption of identity and access management solutions is a dynamic and fully automated experience, so that businesses of all types and sizes can become more connected without sacrificing security.

JOSSO is an open source identity and access management solution focused on streamlining implementations through a visual modeling and generative approach. Founded in 2004, it is used by around 4,000 organizations worldwide. To download JOSSO Community Edition, click here

The Atricore ID Enterprise Platform powered by JOSSO EE offers enterprise-class identity and access management for standards-based organization and Cloud-facing single sign-on and identity management. Commercially supported, with expert fixed fee one-on-one implementation support. Cost-effective and faster rollouts that keep you in the driver's seat. Atricore's commercial licensing option provides customers with the best possible choice - the quality-of-service and security of professional support, combined with the flexibility and freedom of Open Source. Please click on the following link for information about evaluating JOSSO Enterprise Edition.