Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates (PRWEB) October 26, 2016 

Atricore and Quintica Group have formed a partnership to provide improved access to IAM services in the Middle East and Africa, with local professional services support targeting the United Arab Emirates.  In response to market demand in the Middle East,  Quintica Group will act as Atricore’s regional distributor and support partner. Atricore is disrupting the identity and access management market space by providing lower cost model-driven solutions that have proven to be more accessible and affordable to enterprise and mid-sized IT organizations. Long a thought leader in IT Governance and Controls, Quintica will add Atricore’s IAM solutions to its portfolio of professional services and leading software technologies.

IT leaders are more aware of security risk today than ever before. A switch in focus from infrastructure-based technical support to customer-centric service improvements requires more automation to meet expectations. But with automation’s increased security risk profile, effective control becomes an issue, fueling the growing demand for so called GRC (Governance Risk and Compliance).

With this partnership, Quintica customers will now have quick and affordable access to the identity and access management solutions that Atricore brings to the table. As a niche vendor and consulting firm, Atricore delivers quick and easy IAM solutions for customers with hybrid cloud and on-premise IT ecosystems. Together, the two companies can deliver locally supported, state of the art identity and access management solutions to businesses in the UAE and Africa with an an extremely competitive IAM product, pricing structure and local resources for professional services.

 “We continue to get calls for cost-effective ways to implement identity management and single sign-on for effective and efficient security mechanisms and operational controls in a number of key industries,”says Bryan Mackenzie, Executive Sales Director at Quintica. “Atricore’s model-driven IAM solution will fill this gap, and finally enable manageable compliance architecture in the space. Quintica is delighted to be a part of the Atricore Partner Program.”

Middle Eastern businesses see effective identity and access management as an essential tool, enabling open interaction between an enterprise and its users whether they’re consumers, employees - or users that are employees of other businesses. An effective identity management system is a modern must-have; imperative to the achievement of a wide range of IT and business goals. As an ever-growing number of business-to-business and business-to-consumer transactions move online, cloud services become the mainstream source of IT applications and services for many businesses; social media becomes a primary source of identity, and enterprises that do not have effective identity management systems in place will likely come up short, outpaced by the growth of their IAM-enabled competitors.

“We’ve noticed that most enterprises in the UAE and Africa run on legacy infrastructure, while there is a widespread need for bridging legacy and next-generation environments,” said Atricore’s CEO, Gianluca Brigandi. “We foresee that a hybrid IAM solution such as AtricoreID, coupled with Quintica’s local presence and expertise, will address this pain point by allowing a smooth transition through the reduction of associated costs and delays.” 

Silicon Valley-based Atricore powers businesses worldwide with quick and easy IAM, providing budget-wise and time-effective identity and access management solutions. For more information,  please visit the Atricore web site at www.atricore.com.

 Quintica's Customer-Experience-as-a-Service integrates a bottom up approach to deliver on a business's end-user demands of reliability, speed, self-service and continuity - with a top-down approach aligned to business targets, for example, customer satisfaction. Find more on Quintica at www.quintica.com