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Point-and-click Internet SSO in a Time-zone Near You

November 18, 2010
November 19, 2010

Identity and Access Management is widely considered to be a highly technical domain, with an implementation that's out of reach for most folks. The process of setting up a system for identity and access management has a well-earned reputation for technical difficulty, inconvenience, and errors; all in pursuit of an end product that most users dislike and avoid.

Over at Atricore, we're not happy with this state of affairs. We're changing things, and we think you'll like what we've accomplished. First, we put together a top-notch identity management platform, incorporating JOSSO and the Atricore Identity Bus; and now we've added ease of use. Usability translates to productivity. Get the less technically savvy people on board with your identity solutions, and you will significantly accelerate time-to-value for enabling federated identity settings.

Enter Point-and-Click Internet Single Sign On (SSO). Simply "draw" your Internet SSO setting, and bring it to life in a snap.

In this Webinar we'll use the Atricore Console and a visual modeling approach to illustrate the following points:

  • JOSSO 2 highlights
  • Model your identity appliance for Internet SSO
  • Activate execution environments
  • Provision user accounts and entitlements
  • Roll out your identity appliance
  • Leverage the Internet SSO experience provided by your identity appliance
  • Q&A

US East Coast Time-Zone Friendly: Thursday, November 18 – 11AM-12PM EDT

US West Coast Time-Zone Friendly: Thursday, November 18 – 5-6PM EDT

Europe Time-Zone Friendly: Thursday, November 18 – 8-9AM EDT

Australian/NZ/Far East Time-Zone Friendly: Thursday, November 18 – 8:30-9:30PM EDT