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Software AG

Software AG is the world’s largest independent provider of Business Infrastructure Software. The company’s 4,000 global customers achieve measurable business results aided by the modernization and automation of their IT systems; rapidly building new systems and processes to meet the growing demands of business today.


SoftwareAG wanted to provide streamlined procedures and secure access to all of their Internet-facing portals and websites, which were servicing Software AG’s internal and external users alike. Once authenticated, users connecting from the internet had to be able to securely browse Software AG’s communities and corporate websites - hosted on different domains - without having to authenticate a second time. Additionally, employees accessing Software AG’s websites from their workstations wanted password-free access to all of those same websites and services. Lastly, given the wide variety of technology used when building the various sites, as well as the many domains hosting scenarios, the SSO solution had to support on-boarding Microsoft .Net, JavaEE and Serverside scripting web applications, among others.


Atricore’s cost-effective products and expert support made it possible for Software AG to improve the user experience for their employees, customers and prospects by providing a simple, transparent and cross-domain single sign-on (SSO) solution.


  • Enhanced, streamlined user experience with single sign-on access to all relevant domains
  • Password-free employee access from internal workstations
  • Fewer calls for password reset
  • Improved security, minimizing the potential for attacks
  • Enhanced value for customers and prospects
  • No vendor lock-in with the Internet SSO solution
  • Easy to configure and simple to maintain

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