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Swire Coca-Cola

Swire Beverages is an anchor bottler for the Coca-Cola Company. Among the largest Coca-Cola bottlers in the world, Swire manufactures, markets and distributes Coca-Cola products in Hong Kong, Taiwan and seven provinces of mainland China, as well as an extensive area in the Western U.S. Swire’s franchise territory includes approximately 427 sales offices in China, with a total franchise population estimated at 405.2 million.


Swire Coca-Cola needed compliant, secure e-Commerce for multiple vendors and staff in Hong Kong and Mainland China. They wished to provide streamlined procedures and secure access to all of their Internet-facing e-commerce portals, which service Swire’s bottlers in China, suppliers and business partners alike. Requirements included BYOI on top of WeChat for secure financial transactions in a business environment made up of a hugely varied tech base, many different tenants hosting diverse scenarios, meaning that the IAM system had to support the on-boarding of a variety of home-grown & proprietary systems as well as COTS solutions. Users had to be able to use their own identity to secure financial transactions on a bottler’s e-commerce portal, without having to authenticate a second time. Additionally, staff accessing the e-commerce ecosystem from their workstations and mobiles wanted password-free access to all of those same websites and services.


Atricore’s Identity and Access Management products and professional services made it possible for Swire Coca-Cola to give bottlers and business partners in mainland China secure and seamless access to business-critical e-commerce services.


  • Streamlined on-boarding time frame and enhanced convenience of access through mobile BYOI (Bring-Your-Own-ID) using WeChat as the main external Identity Provider
  • Removed friction during e-commerce transactions
  • Enhanced value for bottlers and business partners
  • Reduced on-boarding and implementation time and cut associated costs
  • Improved security, minimizing the potential for attacks
  • Improved collaboration by bridging e-commerce and corporate ecosystems

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