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Tennis Australia

Tennis Australia is the governing body for the sport of tennis in Australia. The organization promotes participation in the sport of tennis, facilitating player development, putting on events at both the local and international levels, and investing in tennis facilities around Australia.


Tennis Australia came to Atricore looking for a comprehensive Identity Management solution that could deliver a dependable, smooth single sign-on experience for millions of users, allowing them to access multiple services with a single identity. Their hybrid environment demanded support for cloud services as well as social media. They required high availability, social media login capability with Google and Facebook, and identity federation.Their IAM solution integrates in-house resources like tennis leagues, schools and coaches; as well as external sports-specialized partners that provide services such as live scoring during tournaments, player statistics, and user performance information. All of these various use cases employ different technologies and standards.


JOSSO EE’s architecture allowed for the customization that Tennis Australia required in order to fashion an IAM solution to service millions of users with multiple login scenarios. Rapid service integration was key to success - ensuring that new resources can be connected with the IAM platform in minimal time, with little to no impact on external applications. Atricore’s unique model-driven tool provided a simple way to manage a complex implementation. With consultative support from Atricore’s professional services team, the tech consultants involved were able to accomplish their project aims while also gaining experience in the IAM domain, as part of a strategic business offer. Today they are able to dig deep into the IAM platform and harness JOSSO EE’s flexible architecture and user-friendly interface to meet the needs of an ever-evolving implementation.


  • Flexible, secure and seamless authentication across a number of trusted authentication sources
  • Visual modeling console for ease of use
  • Compatible with legacy ecosystem, while providing for future needs
  • Agent-based approach streamlines onboarding of applications
  • High availability and scalability
  • Social media and cloud-friendly
  • Improved security, minimizing the potential for attacks
  • Rapid service integration with consultative support from IAM experts

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