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Union Investment

Union Investment Group has been developing investment solutions for private and institutional investors for over 60 years. In total, more than 4.5 million customers entrust their money to Union Investment, where more than 3,000 employees manage a volume of over 340 billion euros, making Union Investment one of Germany’s leading fund management companies.


Union Investment required secure access and streamlined procedures for millions of e-Banking customers & thousands of employees, across both intranet and internet-facing portals and websites. User and entitlement records were scattered throughout multiple and heterogenous repositories, producing significant data inconsistency and fragmentation as a result. Once authenticated, users connecting from the Internet and corporate network had to be able to securely browse Union Investment’s websites - hosted on different domains - without having to enter their credentials a second time. Additionally, helpdesk team members accessing Union Investment’s websites from their workstations wanted, once authenticated against their Microsoft Windows domain, password-free access to all of those same websites and services, all based on heterogenous technologies. In such a complex environment, a customizable IAM solution was crucial, combined with a user-friendly technical interface.


Atricore’s IAM products and professional services made it possible for Union Investment to improve customer satisfaction without sacrificing security, by delivering seamless access to their e-Banking services. At the same time, allowing helpdesk personnel to gain privileged password-free access to the entire e-banking ecosystem greatly improved efficiency. JOSSO EE’s highly customizable architecture and user-friendly interface combined with a support staff of subject matter experts to successfully carry out this complex implementation.


  • Enhanced, streamlined customer experience with single sign-on access to all e-banking services
  • Improved security, minimizing the potential for attacks
  • Enhanced value for customers through removal of friction during e-banking transactions
  • Greatly improved helpdesk response turnaround time by bridging e-banking and Corporate IT ecosystems

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