Atricore and MG Systems Join Forces to Deliver Cutting-Edge Cybersecurity in Brazil

The partnership expands the cybersecurity landscape in Brazil, empowering businesses with enhanced security options.

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Atricore, a leading cybersecurity company founded in 2008 and headquartered in Silicon Valley, has joined forces with MG Systems, a highly experienced provider of security solutions founded in 1995 and based in São Paulo, the financial heart of Brazil. This strategic partnership combines Atricore's technical expertise, agility, and innovation with MG Systems' proven knowledge and experience in providing consulting services to the Financial, Insurance, Real Estate, and Information Technology markets for the past three decades.

The partnership aims to equip Brazilian businesses with comprehensive security solutions, harnessing the power of open-source security giant Wazuh's latest technology. By combining state-of-the-art cybersecurity tools with the expertise of deeply experienced security engineers, the two companies will offer tailored security solutions to organizations of all sizes and industries in Brazil. Harnessing open source tools helps keep the total cost of ownership low, ensuring cost-effective budgetary outlays.

Brazilian enterprises face significant and growing threats, with data breaches costing an average of USD 1.38 million each. Compliance demands and the reach of bad actors in the cybersecurity sphere further complicate daily operations. Recognizing these challenges, Atricore and MG Systems will provide penetration testing and remediation services along with comprehensive security information and event management (SIEM) solutions, enabling companies to monitor and address attacks in real-time. Extended detection and response (XDR) capabilities will address the evolving threat landscape, particularly in multicloud or hybrid environments, by enhancing security systems like endpoint detection and response. With a smoothly operating security operations center (SOC) in place, companies can proactively stay ahead of potential attackers.

As per Maurício Ghetler, CTO of MG Systems, "In light of the persistent public safety challenges in Brazil, which often lack timely government support, Brazilian corporations have long recognized the importance of prioritizing preventive measures. This holds true for cybersecurity as well, and we understand that Brazilian corporations are highly interested in updating their knowledge, tools, and infrastructure dedicated to cybersecurity management."

"We are thrilled about this partnership because we believe that Atricore's entry into our market can significantly accelerate the implementation and integration of cybersecurity tools within complex infrastructure scenarios. With our experience working on mission-critical projects for large corporations since our inception, we are confident that we can contribute greatly to the feasibility of projects, provide exceptional support services, and drive the technological evolution of implemented solutions."

MG Systems understands that changes occur every day and its team specializes in helping corporations adapt to new business requirements and their implementation challenges, whether operational, regulatory or technological. MG Systems diagnoses existing scenarios and proposes improvements that involve consolidation, elimination or renewal of operational processes and platforms, whether dedicated to IT or Information Security.

Building on their robust open-source background, Atricore boasts a successful track record in IT modernization for enterprise. Their flagship Identity and Access Management (IAM) technology has consistently proven its value as a trusted security solution for businesses over the past decade, establishing itself as a reliable and effective choice for safeguarding critical assets and ensuring secure user access.
In addition, Atricore offers a cutting-edge no-code identity orchestrator tool that enables businesses to seamlessly migrate to the cloud without the worry of being tied to a specific vendor. With AtricoreIO, organizations can confidently embrace the cloud, unlock its benefits, and maintain the flexibility to choose cloud service providers that align with their unique requirements.

Recognizing the increasing threat landscape, Atricore has expanded to include comprehensive cybersecurity solutions and services, with end-to-end security operations that protect enterprise data and infrastructure. Atricore serves a broad client base that spans industry giants such as Tennis Australia and Swire/Coca-Cola, as well as smaller enterprises in telecom, finance, banking, and government defense and administration. Together, MG Systems and Atricore are well-positioned to enhance the security posture of Brazilian businesses.

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