Atricore Partners with Evolveum, Adding Affordable IGA Options for 2024

Atricore is proud to announce a strategic partnership with Evolveum, the force behind the open source IGA solution midPoint.

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Atricore is proud to announce a strategic partnership with Evolveum, the driving force behind the open source Identity Governance and Administration (IGA) platform, midPoint. Atricore is a trailblazing Identity and Access Management (IAM) provider known for their deep experience in product development, implementation, and customization, and with a rich history rooted in open source solutions.

The partnership leverages Atricore's cybersecurity prowess and Evolveum's IGA excellence to deliver comprehensive, affordable Identity Governance Administration to enterprises. As an integrator partner, Atricore will be standing by to offer additional support, from the planning stages through implementation and ongoing production. With a proven track record of IAM success in the EU, USA and Asia-Pacific markets, Atricore's open source expertise provides a significant market and technical resource as the midPoint IGA platform gains even more ground in 2024.

Evolveum's midPoint platform stands as a true testament to their dedication to advancing the realm of IGA. Seamlessly combining identity governance, administration, and compliance functionalities, midPoint has emerged as a powerhouse in the realm of cybersecurity solutions. The platform's robustness, flexibility, and scalability make it an ideal choice for organizations seeking to fortify their cybersecurity posture.

This partnership marks an unprecedented synergy between Atricore's open source expertise and Evolveum's IGA excellence. By integrating Atricore's JOSSO with Evolveum's midPoint, organizations gain access to a unified, comprehensive IAM solution that seamlessly blends identity management access and governance functionality. This collaboration marks a definitive step toward elevating IAM standards in both the LATAM and USA markets, two regions where robust cybersecurity is of paramount importance.

"Teaming up with Evolveum is a natural progression for us," said Gianluca Brigandi, CEO at Atricore. "Both companies share a vision of delivering top-tier cybersecurity solutions without compromising on accessibility. Our combined offering not only bolsters the cybersecurity landscape but also empowers organizations to leverage open source technologies for their advantage."

Atricore has a steadfast commitment to open source. Combining their technical expertise and the midPoint platform's robust capabilities, they can deliver a holistic IAM solution that addresses the intricacies of the modern digital landscape. This resonates deeply with the business market, where the growing need for cutting-edge cybersecurity solutions dovetails with the requirement that those solutions are accessible and cost-effective. Atricore's collaboration with Evolveum, turbocharged with technical expertise and local support, provides a unique answer to enterprise's cybersecurity challenges.

Atricore and Evolveum's collaboration is a decisive step toward providing budget-friendly comprehensive identity security for businesses of all sizes, as they navigate the challenges and opportunities of 2024. Focussed on the future, this partnership promises a comprehensive IAM solution that safeguards critical assets while ensuring accessibility, affordability, and scalability.

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