Atricore Inc., the Silicon Valley-based pioneer in the field of cybersecurity, has announced the availability of its early access beta program. Veridax provides patented technology to help businesses meet and exceed personal data privacy compliance standards, while keeping costs down and profits up. The Veridax application privacy monitoring platform is a new approach to an old problem: how to map personal data flows - and potential security issues - across multiple enterprise applications in a cost-efficient, comprehensive, and transparent manner.

Since its founding in 2008, Atricore’s core vision has been to create and implement dynamic, fully automated identity and access management solutions, enabling businesses of all sizes to become more connected without sacrificing security. That vision has paid off. Atricore’s IAM platform now powers successful implementations worldwide, for clients in diverse sectors including banking, government, telecom, sports & fitness, healthcare, security, justice systems and more.

The Veridax launch grows out of Atricore’s 10+ years of experience in simplifying cybersecurity. In response to the growing demand for personal data privacy solutions, Atricore’s engineers leveraged their know-how and creativity to address the challenges that businesses face as they work to improve their operations around safeguarding personal data. The result is an automated approach to solving the challenges of keeping personal data private and secure. Veridax makes it easy to identify and protect personal information on an ongoing basis, making it a fundamental building block for any compliance program. The company is expected to emerge as a key player as enterprise grapples with the May 25, 2018 deadline for GDPR compliance.

Atricore sees the new Veridax spin-off as a logical business progression. It’s a way to apply the company’s considerable expertise and depth of knowledge in security and privacy technology to personal data security.

"We started Veridax because we saw value with combining personal data mapping, threat modelling and application security testing," said Gianluca Brigandi, CEO of Atricore. “The convergence of those three elements is a sweet spot for automating a process that is at present very costly and time-intensive. We wanted to make something that could really be helpful to businesses of any size as the demand for increased transparency and safeguarding of personal data continues to grow, and I believe we’re meeting a market need with compelling technology to address GDPR and beyond."

Veridax not only knows what data is being collected but also how it is used, shared and stored. The further ability to perform a security analysis on those flows is what really sets Veridax apart, providing value that is unique to today’s market. It’s one centralized, powerful solution that works throughout the enterprise architecture and with all applications and data repositories, both within and beyond organization perimeters.

Beginning in May 2018, there are two ways to get involved in the effort: participation in the Veridax beta program, and/or becoming part of Veridax’s growing partner ecosystem. For more information, go to or email hello(at)veridax(dot)com.