Atricore’s 2016 expansion into the Chinese market continues to grow in 2017, where the company’s automated approach for Identity-enablement has been touted as efficient and easily aligned to Asia’s governance requirements.

In answer to Asia’s frictionless mobile user experience needs, US-based Atricore has aligned their IAM solution to deliver bring-your-own-identity (BYOI) from mainstream providers such as WeChat and QQ as it’s an easier way to create new accounts and log in on a smaller screen size.

Atricore’s positioning in the market is built around mainstream organizations in mainland China and Hong Kong, concentrated mainly in the food and beverages sector. Multi-facing identity and access management solutions are vital to this business vertical, with public users and private vendors all needing access. In addition to the strict governance challenges, multi-tier access must be supplied and monitored, at the million+ users level.

Going way beyond the usual marketing claims, Atricore has proven time and again that their platform is up to the task of meeting demand in the complex Asian marketplace. Company execs see the move into Asia as a logical continuation of the company’s positioning in the sports and recreation vertical in Oceania; where Atricore’s IAM systems have been supporting enormous implementations successfully for years.

Strategic partnerships have been key to Atricore’s successful expansion into these markets, and the company intends to continue nurturing and growing these local partnerships as expansion into the Asian market accelerates through 2017.