GDPR Articles 25 and 32 (Data Protection by Design) require businesses to ensure the protection of consumers’ data by design and by default, as well as requiring regular data protection impact assessments. One way that enterprises can abide by these requirements is by leveraging advanced identity and access management protocols to promote and enforce role-based access to IT and  data assets. Atricore’s JOSSO EE provides responsive IAM for customer-focussed companies like telecommunications providers, adding the kind of automated security and compliance protocols that are designed to safeguard data privacy.

Atricore’s generative model-driven approach to single sign-on and identity access management allows businesses to enhance trust and transparency factors quickly, cutting the line of months-long development efforts to get in front of GDPR requirements, which benefits consumers and helps to avoid costly penalties. Recognizing this as an opportunity to improve their data privacy solutions, telecommunications companies in Northern Europe have chosen to harness Atricore’s identity platform, Atricore ID. As a result, Atricore’s technology gained significant traction in this market during the first quarter of 2018.

Atricore’s positioning of their IAM solution and the flagship JOSSO EE in Europe is nothing new; the company has an office in Germany and labs all over the world.  But the urgency of compliance with the GDPR has brought IAM capabilities to the fore in a new way, as a value opportunity. Offering a world-class solution that can be implemented quickly and with minimal friction, Atricore’s been able to match their pre-existing platform to a new business need, and the market has responded with enthusiasm. With Atricore ID, Northern European telecommunications companies improve their customers’ privacy experience while also providing an important part of GDPR compliance, quickly and with minimal impact on legacy business systems.