What Atricore is Doing

This announcement by Adobe has been anticipated for some time. In preparation, Atricore has been working on a modern, non-Flash-based alternative for the Atricore Console.
We’ll begin rolling out the new Atricore Console with our JOSSO 2.5 release (currently targeted for September 2020) and will continue adding improvements and additional capabilities in ongoing quarterly updates.

What Atricore Customers Should Do

Atricore customers should begin evaluating and adopting the new Atricore Console 2.5 as it becomes available through the quarterly updates. Adopting these capabilities incrementally will minimize change management for system users. As noted,  Adobe and all of the major browser companies have provided guidance that every Flash-based application (including the Atricore Console) will be prevented from being accessed from browsers. This means that our customers will not be able to access the Flash-based Atricore Console at all after December 31, 2020, which has been announced by Adobe as the Flash Player end of life. All customers must fully migrate to the non-Flash Atricore Console well before December 31, 2020 to avoid disruption of the visual configuration, administration and monitoring capabilities.

Migration Support Coverage

For customers with the basic support subscription, support will be provided through our portal. Professional services are available in case expert assistance is required. 

For customers with the advanced support subscription, support will be provided through our portal, as well as during one-on-one screen sharing calls with the assigned engineer.