Once you've upgraded to JOSSO 2.5, you'll be able to run the Console 3.0 and enjoy these new features:

Control multiple JOSSO nodes from a single point: The new console has its own server that allows users to control JOSSO instances from a single point.

Improved modeling capabilities: We enlarged the canvas, so that you can include an unlimited number of elements. A preview window allows you to observe and focus on different diagram areas when the model is too large to fit the screen. We’ve simplified node creation with contextual menus and copy/paste functionality.

New identity appliance notation: We changed identity appliance representation to JSON, allowing you to use standard tools to make changes to properties and simplifying DEV/OPS automation processes.

Git Integration: Identity appliances and console configuration are now stored in a Git repository, providing a lot of flexibility when tracking changes. All Git features are available, including branching.

New branding: Included in JOSSO 2.5, our new branding provides an improved user experience during authentication processes.