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FEB162021 Beta Release

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We’ve released the beta version of — a completely free, in-browser cloud tool at the intersection of Identity and Access Management and Dev Ops. Automatically generate Terraform scripts for your favorite IDaaS vendors as you visually describe your IAM functionality, such as MFA and Social SSO. Fast and easy, is also great for exploring and diagramming changes to your IAM blueprint without writing a single line of code. Out-of-the-box support for Okta and Auth0 is included, and AWS Cognito and Azure are in the works. 


Enjoy it here:



New for 2021 - the Atricore Console 3.0

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The new Atricore Console v3.0 is a responsive web application, based on industry standards. It can run in any web browser supporting JavaScript. Of course, it was imperative to make sure that we removed any dependency on Adobe Flash during this revamping of the console; but our development team went far above and beyond that. Not only did we take the time to port the previous console to a new platform, we've also included a whole set of new features that have been highly requested by our customers. Read on for those!



JOSSO 2.5 Released

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The latest version of JOSSO Enterprise Edition has been released and is now available for clients old and new. Among other improvements, JOSSO 2.5 will allow users to upgrade to the new Atricore Console 3.0, removing any dependency on Adobe's Flash as we move forward into 2021. 


JOSSO 2.5 Release Will Update Console to Address Adobe's Flash Player End-of-Life

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Adobe Flash End Of Life and how it impacts JOSSO EE

Adobe recently announced the end of life of their Flash Player will be targeted for the end of 2020. This means that after 2020, Adobe will stop releasing updates for Flash and web browsers will no longer support it.

More information from Adobe about this announcement can be found here.

The Atricore Console utilizes Flash. Customers utilizing this Flash-based user experience will be impacted by the end-of-life of Adobe Flash. It is important to understand that this end-of-life announcement for Adobe Flash does not impact the operation of the Atricore Server, or any of the agents for delivering the Single Sign-On experience to users.



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