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ABB Concise Optical Group

ABB CONCISE Optical Group LLC is the US leading distributor of optical products, including contact lenses, ophthalmic lenses, frames, sunglasses, accessories and contact lens solutions.


ABB Concise hosts an e-Commerce marketplace application and an on-premise Web portal, both housed on separate domains. How could they offer a Single Sign-On experience to their users? Once authenticated, potential buyers and users connecting from the Internet should be able to seamlessly browse all ABB Concise websites as if they were the same, without the need to re-authenticate. The company’s SSO solution also had to support the on-boarding of Microsoft .Net and JavaEE web applications, among others, since the websites were built using many different technologies.


Atricore’s JOSSO Enterprise Edition made it easy for ABB Concise to improve their clients’ online shopping experience. Our platform provided end-users with secure, password-free access to ABB Concise’s e-commerce marketplace and web portal. JOSSO’s open standard compliance ensures non-intrusive integration, never interfering with the existing applications’ business logic.


  • Ease of use, with a seamless user experience between on-premise and hosted applications
  • Increased sales as a result of removing the friction involved in browsing multiple websites
  • Decreased calls for password reset
  • Improved security, minimizing the potential for attacks
  • Enhanced value proposition for buyers
  • No vendor lock-in with the Internet SSO solution.
  • Easy to configure and maintain.

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