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Eastern Bank

With $8 billion in assets and more than 90 branches, Eastern Bank is the largest independent and mutually owned bank in the U.S. Eastern Bank offers banking, investments and insurance all under one roof, and prides itself on working harder to understand customer needs so it can deliver these services in a committed and personal manner.


Eastern Bank wanted to provide their helpdesk personnel with registration and password-free access to a business-critical solution for managing electronic payment transactions disputes, exceptions and adjustments. This posed a challenge, as most IAM solutions were COTS (commercial off-the shelf) products with limited support for integrating with Eastern Bank’s IT ecosystem. Additionally, helpdesk personnel credentials, as well as other confidential information, were not to be exposed to any of the bank’s products. Finally, the Identity and Access Management solution had to be hardened in order to adhere with security compliance requirements for entities operating in the financial sector.


Atricore’s identity and access management products and professional services made it possible for Eastern Bank to improve customer satisfaction by providing their helpdesk staff with seamless and secure access to services for managing disputes, exceptions and adjustments, all without compromising the security of the organization.


  • Enhanced, streamlined customer experience with faster turnaround time for solving electronic payment transactions disputes
  • Improved the security of on-boarded third-party solutions, minimizing the potential for attacks
  • Helpdesk response is greatly improved by bridging E-Banking and Corporate IT ecosystems
  • Reduced the time-frame and associated costs of on-boarding future business-critical solutions that have limited, or non-existent, support for integration with Eastern Bank’s security ecosystem, while adhering to compliance requirements

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