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inPharmative blends best-in-class technology with experience to streamline pharmaceutical rebate administration, paint a complete picture of net drug costs and support intelligent drug cost management. As part of that mission, inPharmative needs to offer first-rate internet single sign-on (SSO) services to the pharmaceutical research laboratories that access rebate administration services.


In order to provide corporate customers with secure, password-free access to its suite of Rebate Administration tools, inPharmative requires an SSO solution with broad support for open standards like SAML2 and commercial SSO implementations. Their internet SSO software must interoperate seamlessly with the enterprise-class federated identity solutions hosted on the customer’s end; and the addition of single sign-on readiness to inPharmative’s SaaS application should be virtually invisible – providing all the benefits of internet SSO without affecting the underlying system.


JOSSO Enterprise Edition and Atricore make it easy for inPharmative to improve the user experience for their clients, providing end-users with secure, password-free access to all of inPharmative’s products. JOSSO’s open-standard compliance ensures interoperability with the identity solutions hosted by inPharmative’s customers, and Atricore’s non-intrusive integration makes it happen seamlessly, enabling Internet SSO capability without interfering with inPharmative’s existing SaaS application.


  • Password-fee access to clients
  • Enhanced user experience
  • No impact on the application code
  • No impact on customer’s IT infrastructure
  • Improves security by minimizing potential attacks
  • Enhanced value proposition for SaaS service
  • No vendor lock-in with the internet SSO solution
  • Easy to configure and maintain

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