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Judicial Council of Georgia

The Judicial Council is the policy-making body for Georgia’s judiciary, chaired by the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Georgia. Through its Administrative Office of the Courts, the Judicial Council provides services to courts and their judicial partners, including court clerks, other State level organizations, and the public. The AOC also provides staff support and resources to the Judicial Council’s committees and provides software solutions that support a significant number of the state’s nearly 1,100 courts spread across 159 counties.


The number and diversity of the courts, populations and funding levels in Georgia presented a very disparate set of technology solutions implemented by various courts to support their unique needs. Adding to the complexity of the state-wide environment, every court is independent in their purchasing of these solutions. A number of the technology solutions support electronic filing of court documents (“e-filing”) and electronic access to public court documents (“e-access”). Online access to Georgia’s courts was improved by creating a Judicial Services Portal that links these systems together for constituents and citizens, while preserving the independence of the courts in selecting the software that best suits their needs and budget. A major key to success was to find a way to allow attorneys, court staff and citizens to securely access various systems, without having to remember a lot of different user names and passwords or to re-enter their credentials numerous times. The SSO/IAM solution had to allow easy onboarding of the wide array of tech solutions as well as excellence in security and ease of use across the board.


By working with Atricore to implement their JOSSO EE identity and access management solution, The AOC was able to seamlessly allow Georgia’s 40,000+ active attorneys to log into the Georgia Judicial Services Portal and access the e-filing and e-access solutions of Georgia’s largest e-filing provider, serving two thirds of Georgia’s State and Superior Courts. Additional judicial partners and constituent groups continue to be added to the Judicial Services Portal, expanding the number and types of services available through the portal.


  • Atricore's JOSSO Enterprise Edition identity and access management allows flexible and secure authentication across a number of trusted authentication sources, to be shared across diverse systems seamlessly without compromising the security of any of the partner systems.
  • Users move between systems they are authorized to use without having to remember or enter a large number of passwords.
  • Application providers retain control of which authentication systems they establish trust relationships with, and the level of access each user is provided in their system.
  • Citizens can create their own accounts and access the court services they need, providing additional information to system owners just once, if that information is needed by those systems for billing or security reasons.

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