Our IAM planning and advisory team are experts, with years of experience in the identity access management field. Some of our team members have previously spent years planning and implementing SSO and IAM for their own organizations; while others are project engineers with broad technical expertise. Working together, they'll keep your organization's unique needs in mind during both discovery and planning stages, with the end goal of finding the best IAM solutions for your needs, with no vendor preference or lock-in.

We work with both technical and business stakeholders to develop a clear vision of your organization's IAM journey to date, and plan for the future. Our flexible approach, together with a company culture of curiosity and ongoing education, keep us agile so that we can accommodate your particular needs.

In our experience, each organization grappling with IAM modernization has their own set of challenges. We've been around for a while, and seen a lot of changes in the way the world does business and how IAM tools and services have evolved as a result. We’ve developed clear and easily communicated identity orchestration tools that will offer your stakeholders a big-picture view of the current state of your IAM and demonstrate what the future could bring. 

Our IAM experts are available for remote or on-site consultations to help organizations uncover what works for them. With our philosophy of avoiding vendor lock-in, we'll give you an honest answer—not one that is skewed toward our product.

Identify and define the organization's IAM with both short-term and long-term objectives and goals defined
Help you discover how to improve performance and reduce risks in your IAM  initiatives, including migration from EOL and legacy systems to the cloud
Identify potential issues, provide recommendations and define optimal end state outcomes

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