Atricore’s Ongoing Partnership with AET System Boosts IAM Modernization for Government Sector

Atricore’s strategic partnership with AET System leverages the latest in IAM cloud migration for Federal and State government clients.

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Atricore’s strategic partnership with AET System leverages the latest in IAM cloud migration for Federal and State government clients, with newly developed identity orchestration tech providing a clear path to modern IAM for the legacy-heavy public sector enterprise.

With a strong presence in the government sector, AET System is investing in the effort to modernize cybersecurity for their public sector clients. As part of that effort, they’ve partnered with Atricore, a company long recognized as pioneers of IAM software and services.

The VAR/OEM partnership model allows AET System to leverage Atricore’s latest technology for their Federal and State government clients with a solution that targets legacy-heavy public enterprise, easing the migration of identity access management systems to the cloud at a time of increasing demand for digital transformation at the local, state and federal levels. In today’s reality of ever-evolving cybersecurity and compliance needs, an agile, secure and cost-effective path to IAM modernization is especially critical for the public sector.

Part of what Atricore brings to the table is a cloud-agnostic, no-code approach to multi-cloud IAM. Pre-integrated with IAM products like CA Siteminder, IBM Tivoli Access, and Oracle Access Manager, Atricore’s platform makes it easy to add SSO, MFA, and intelligent security from the cloud without disrupting legacy applications or IAM services. This approach is attractive for government enterprises that need to modernize but also must keep systems up and running for both internal and public services. With a continued, increasing pressure to supply services and connections in a remote manner, it is essential for public institutions to provide secure access to both staff and the public without sacrificing security or efficiency. Combining Atricore’s cost-effective, time-effective approach with AET System’s services excellence positions the company to serve their customers in the  transportation, defense, intelligence, financial, healthcare, and technology & telecommunications industries in a comprehensive manner.

The Atricore Identity Fabric is an innovative identity orchestration technology that provides agile modernization of your identity infrastructure by leveraging your preferred cloud providers while protecting your existing infrastructure investments.

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