Atricore Becomes Gold Partner with Wazuh

Atricore's partnership with open source cybersecurity platform Wazuh plays a key role in the company’s 2023 diversification into cybersecurity.

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Atricore has become a Gold Partner with Wazuh, the popular open-source cybersecurity platform. The partnership plays a key role in the company’s 2023 diversification into cybersecurity.

With its roots in identity and access management (IAM) and a platform that anticipated the security-as-code movement by several years, Atricore has always been centered in issues of cybersecurity. By partnering with Wazuh, the company can offer current clients and new prospects alike a 100% open source, comprehensive and enterprise-ready security solution.

Wazuh’s SIEM solution is already in use worldwide, offering unified XDR and SIEM protection for endpoints and cloud workloads and encompassing public clouds, private clouds, and on-premise data centers.

With the rise of cyber threats, open source cybersecurity solutions are more popular than ever, as organizations look for cost-effective ways to protect their digital assets. Comprehensive cybersec can be perceived as budget-heavy, and most organizations need solutions that are reliable but also affordable. Open source cybersecurity solutions bring top-notch tech at an affordable price; but enterprise tech teams are stretched thin and implementation and management of those systems can be challenging.

Atricore adds deep engineering expertise to assist organizations with harnessing the power of that open source tech, so they can maximize their defense against cybersecurity threats. Building on their extensive IAM experience and knowledge of open source solutions and implementation, the Atricore team offers holistic solutions to security issues like ransomware attacks, IoT hacks, spyware/malware and others. From the consulting stage through planning and architecture all the way to implementation and ongoing support, Atricore has the technical know-how to make the most out of Wazuh’s solution.

Open source cybersecurity solutions are also highly customizable. Users are free to modify the software to suit their specific security needs, making it a more flexible option than proprietary software. This means that organizations can tailor their cybersecurity solutions to their specific requirements, ensuring that they are adequately protected against cyber threats.

After starting small in 2015, Wazuh grew rapidly into an open source behemoth, with the website reporting over 20 million downloads per year, 15+ million protected endpoints and upwards of 100,000 enterprise users. More info on Wazuh here:

More on Atricore’s holistic approach to IAM and cybersecurity here:

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