No-Code IAM migration of legacy apps from CA Siteminder to Okta

Have a look at our no-code IAM migration from CA Siteminder to Okta tutorial.

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We've put together a tutorial using AtricoreIO to migrate a legacy application from CA Siteminder to Okta. Using our no-code identity orchestrator, it takes minutes (under 8 minutes, to be exact) and causes no business disruption.

We know that IAM products approaching end-of-life are a risk for a lot of businesses. And, those businesses need to stay nimble in the current economy—there's no time for long, drawn-out migration projects. Budgets are tighter than ever, but the risk of running unsupported software is unacceptable. Solutions need to be found and systems replaced quickly, correctly, and with your business running smoothly throughout the process. With all of this in mind, we've come up with a cloud-agnostic, no-code approach to migration that will save you time and money.

Our AtricoreIO solution can also perform identity orchestration with Oracle Access Manager. It's interoperating with mainstream Identity Governance products such as Sailpoint IdentityIQ, as well. We're adding support and functionality as we go, so check back often to see what we've been up to.

But enough talk! We promised no fluff, actionable resources to get you up and running with your IAM modernization journey. Here's the CA Siteminder to Okta No-code Migration tutorial. No-Code IAM Migration CA Siteminder to Okta

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