Hackers Don't Care About Your Budget Cycle (unless it’s an obvious sign of vulnerability)

Many companies postpone their security operations center (SOC) projects “until next year”, but hackers won't wait to attack!

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Many companies postpone their security operations center (SOC) projects “until next year”, or allow their cybersecurity upgrades to wait until the next budgeting cycle. But bad actors won't wait until 2024 to attack.  And crossing your fingers or covering your eyes in the hope that the hackers won’t see you, until the budget to buy cybersecurity becomes available? That’s like playing hide and seek with a blinking light around your neck!

That said, here are three good reasons to assess the effectiveness of your SOC right now:

1. Cybercrime strategies are constantly evolving: Bad actors develop new attack techniques and tactics 24/7. Assessing the current state of your cybersecurity posture in general, and specifically any SOC system, is a key action step that you can take right now. Be sure you're adapting and able to respond to emerging threats quickly and effectively. Wait until next year and you could be exposed to newly discovered vulnerabilities and sophisticated attacks that might compromise your data security.

2. Continuous Monitoring: An effective SOC provides continuous monitoring of your company's IT infrastructure and networks. This means that any suspicious or anomalous activity is detected immediately. Is your current system working in an optimal way? Getting that assessment done, and implementing any changes necessary, will give you peace of mind, knowing that you are protecting your digital assets around the clock.

3. Avoid potential fines and penalties: Security standards and regulations in cybersecurity are increasing every year. An effective SOC will help you to excel when it comes to compliance requirements, and adhere to legal standards like LGPD, GDPR, and international standards like ISO27001. A functioning SOC not only protects you from potential fines and penalties, but also strengthens the trust of your customers and business partners by demonstrating your commitment to information security.

If you're delaying your SOC initiative until next year, you could be risking more than money. Our team is dedicated to helping you assess the strengths and weaknesses of your cybersecurity programs, and offering vendor-agnostic ideas for improvement. Let's talk!

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